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  • 3 Amazing Events To Visit This Year In The UK

    Film and Comic Con

    The United Kingdom always fascinates me with the various numbers of amazing events that any traveller could dream of. In the list below, I will be sharing the 3 events that you might want to visit.

    #1. The Wearable Technology Show

    The Wearable Technology Show is an annual exhibition, networking, and conference event that started in 2014. This is by far the biggest event for wearables, augmented reality, smart devices and IOT. This event typically occurs in March and it is hosted by Evolve Media Group. With 7 different tracks, the conference programme  offers you a special and incredible opportunity to  view the latest product demonstrations from around the world,  listen to the leading experts in wearable technology, and of course, network with the industry. The purpose for the show to be launched was to respond to the rapid development of Wearable Technology,   the rise of the Quantified Self and the Internet of Things.

    The Wearable Technology Show moved to the ExCeL London Conference Centre on 10th -11th of March  2015  to  shelter larger numbers of exhibitors and delegates. The number of attendance increased from to 4571 attendees in 2015, just from 1484 attendees in 2014.

    The show featured exhibitors in the following categories:

    • Augmented Reality / The Augmented Reality Show
    • Fitness & Health
    • Innovation Zone
    • Startups
    • Wrist Innovation
    • Smart Textiles & Fashion
    •  Medical / Connected Living
    •  Enterprise

    #2. Film and Comic Con

    Are you a big fan of movies and comics? Then you cannot miss this event. Film and Comic Con is held at various different locations around UK. This is a nationwide comic cons event. You will get to see your favourite movie stars and celebrities and you can take lots of photos and autograph with the too.

    Some of the best activities to do at this event are photo shoots, prop displays, cosplay, gaming, talks, autograph signings, great competitions, Authors, Comic Artists and much much more.

    Film and Comic Con
    Film and Comic Con 2015

    #3. Unleash The Power Within Event.

    It’s time to get serious about our life. After having fun and enjoying the events above, it’s time to study our life and see where we might be heading in the next 5 to 10 years. Tony Robbins is the best life coach in London. Unleash The Power Within is a signature event of Tony Robbins. This event is held every year in London and attracts more than 7,000 people all around the world. If you are a traveller and you’d like to attend this event, make sure to schedule your travel plan around April because this is usually the time when this event is held.

    Why would someone go to an event like this? Well, simply because it’ transformational. A lot of people who come to this event have breakthroughs in their life. Let’s say you are having a goal that you want to achieve and for some reason, you can’t seem to find a way to make it happen. Guess what? You need a breakthrough. You need motivation and strategy to bring your dream into reality. And this is what is event is all about. (You can learn more here https://www.upwlondontickets.com/)

    Ever since we were a little kid, we all have dreams. We all have something that we really want to achieve. And when we grow up, things start to get hard and we lost the sight of what we really want. Have you ever stopped and ask yourself what do you really want? When was the last time you really look back into your life and say, “well, I think I need to change something?”. Change does not happen by chance, it’s by choice. And if you want to change your life, you have to begin with the realization and awareness of what needs to be changed.

    Enjoy the events and hope you’d find time to attend them all.

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  • Dubai and Exciting Things To See!

    visit dubai

    Love Dubai? Me too!

    What a great place to be for your next vacation or to put on your bucket list!

    visit dubai

    United Arab Emirates is one of the must-visit countries on my bucket list. This country is becoming a very attractive place for tourists all around the world. Check this video for the places like:

    • The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
    • Gold Souk
    • Platinum Heritage Desert
    • Yachting
    • Burj Khalifa
    • Dubai Miracle Garden

    Check this video for more places to visit in Dubai!