New Years 2011-2012 Party & Accommodation Specials
New Years Eve at Lope Lope turned out to be an awesome event where the bar and restaurant was dressed up in incredible style turning the venue into a party seekers dream!

As the theme was a "Dress-up Beach Party", the managers went to town decking it out with palm trees, palm leaves, banana trees (with banana's hanging off them), blue holes, buckets, spades, beach balls, sand castles and then the unthinkable - 3 cubes of soft beach sand was wheel-barrowed in to cover the outside decks AND the inside bar & dancing area... successfully creating a tropical beach setting inside!!!

Over 190 guests and party goers were literally "gob-smacked" upon arrival especially when presented with a free tropical fruit punch called the "Coconut Head Thump" :) - yes it was a strong one!

The whole atmosphere created an incredible party feeling enjoyed by all... I mean they danced the night away until the sun came up!

Thanks to the managers for going the extra mile and of course all the guests who joined in on Santo's biggest and best presented party ever - actually we believe we topped everyone in Vanuatu with this function!

And talking about our managers... they have gone nuts with accommodation prices - check out the specials on the rates page!!

Until next time, have a great 2012!

Santo Greetings from Lope Lope Adventure Lodge

Lope Lope Adventure Lodge - Santo Vanuatu Holiday Resort - 2015